Part-Time Rockstar Podcast

Episode 55: Mike Jones

March 12, 2021

Episode 55 features a friend mine by the name of Mike Jones. He was formerly and currently in a blues rock band called The Jones in the Washington D.C. area for the last 15 years. He’s also doing some solo stuff now as well. His new song is called Snake Oil. It is featured on this episode. It’s more or less folk rock. If you like it, you can definitely find it on Spotify and all the usual places. I will link in the episode notes. As always feel free to drop a subscription or follow on either Mike's music or the podcast wherever you may be listening. It always helps broaden the reach of this thing. But anyway, we had a fun overall chat about what we’ve seen during the pandemic while working in healthcare, and what we’ve been working on musically. Mike also opened for Yngwie Malmsteen once at the Fillmore here in DC. So that was cool to hear about. Anyway, thanks for listening and supporting local music. 


Insta and Twitter are : @mike_jones_band
Bands I'm in and still active as well as mentioned in podcast: (formerly the virginia southpaws)
Record Company.



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