Part-Time Rockstar Podcast

Episode 35: Babe Club (Jenna & Corey)

November 19, 2020

My guests today are Jenna and Corey from Babe Club from South Carolina. They were formally members in one of my favorite bands ever called Susto. Babe Club is their new project and they just released a new EP called Remember this Feeling. I really dig it. It's extremely polished, which we talk about in the episode. But these guys have been touring and making a music for a while now. The music itself sounds kinda 90s-meets modern in the best ways. It's kinda ambient and chill at times but never lacks direction. And Jenna has a great voice to tie it all together. Coreys guitar isn’t overpowering but his slightly western bluesy touch compliments the sound of the songs tremendously well. They also recently released a video for "Automatic Love." Their song "Need a girl" is feature on the episode. Find them on Spotify or wherever you listen to music. Link below.

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