Part-Time Rockstar Podcast

Episode 31: Pregame Rituals

October 27, 2020

Episode 31 features Georgio from Pregame Rituals. They are an alternative, kinda post hardcore, indie rock band from Massachusetts. Georgio is all around musician teacher, song writer, and performer. We had a fun chat about all things music and life in general. I added his song Two Homes to end of the episode. I picked it up off iTunes but you can find it wherever you listen to music. 

That being said if you go to bandcamp, Georgio says all proceeds toward the new EP are donated to The Haven Project in Lynn, MA which helps young adults that are in need of housing and resources. Other than that and if you like either Pregame rituals or the podcast feel free to hit the little subscribe button. And as always if you’re in a band and you wanna talk about your music feel free to hit me up. Anyway I hope everyones staying safe and sane and all that. Thanks again for tuning in. Below is the link for all things Pregame Rituals.

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